After walking through the maze why not cool off on one of our awesome water slides. 

Bucking Boar cornfield maze has 3 water slides. our fiberglass water slide that spans 55m downhill, our 35m downhill slide and also our new 40m double laned inflatable waterslide.

2 turns are included on any waterslide when a maze pass is purchased.
Unlimited passes are available to purchase for $5 per person.
You are welcome to come to the maze just for the waterslide. 



We do not have any age/ height requirements for our waterslides, it is more based on the confidence of the child at the discretion of the parent.

Big Blue - 55m downhill fibreglass waterslide

Suitable for Children 5 years and up 

 - 35m downhill Inflatable waterslide

Suitable for Children 2 - 12 years old

Zoom Zoom- 40m downhill double lane inflatable waterslide

Suitable for Children 5 years and up